Why Choose Us?

We are a local York, PA business that can connect to you and care about the quality of service we provide. We also care about the efficiency and pace that we work at to help, create, or repair your media needs.

A personal connection is a must to create a strong and lasting business relationship. Our best work happens when there is more than just a service. We strive to get involved with our customers to provide the best service we can.

We care about finishing what we start. If the solution to your problem is higher than the support that we offer we won't stop there. We will find you someone and recommend you to someone who would be able to help with your goal.

When you are having problems with technology, we are the people for you. We provide our community with quick service and fast response times that will keep you from worrying for too long. 

Connections are everything in today's world and with Joe Peters Media we are tightly knitted to several other companies and services around the area to make sure we are keeping up to standards and are providing the best service that we can possibly provide.

We are committed to using the highest quality programs and equipment to ensure the highest quality output is produced for our clients.

Before starting a new project, we research the topic as much as possible to provide the best quality and professional output we can.

Customer service is one of the most important values at Joe Peters Media. We strive to provide quick and easy solutions to your problems.

Our work is backed with hours of in house training and some out of house training to provide the best output possible that you can count on.

In the ever growing world of technology, we will evolve and migrate to new, modern technologies as they are created to offer up-to-date services.


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Joe Peters Media

Tel: (717) 900-5012

Email: joepetersmedia@gmail.com

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