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Hello, my name is Joseph Peters. I started this business in 2014 with the intent to serve and help my community with media services. I am 18 years old and attending Penn State York, majoring in business. I am very interested in online media and will continue to share my experiences working in this field.


It all started out when I saw my friend, Lance, make a website on Weebly back in March of 2014. I was so fascinated that he made a website and I needed an idea to make a website for myself, just like he did. My first real idea for a site came where I would build a site for people that have math questions that would give them the answer. That did not happen and I am glad because no one would actually submit to my site because of all the other great sites that would do the same thing but way better, and I was only in 7th grade! My next idea was to make music is Garageband on my iPad and display the music on a website. It really took off and I actually enjoyed it. I made lots of songs that are still out on SoundCloud if you want to check it out at www.soundcloud.com/jjthcyt. In 2014 when I was making music my business name or screen name was Garageband-Forward. Once I started creating lots of music and getting a little bit more serious about it, I changed my business name to JJTHC Music. This whole time I was creating music and uploading it to my website that I created with Weebly. I then changed website creators from Weebly to Wix during the time I changed my business name from Garageband-forward to JJTHC Music.

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Skip to June of 2015, I got a MacBook Pro. With this new computer, I started a Technology YouTube Channel and that's where I changed my business name again to just JJTHC. My first videos are really bad and really low quality. I started out making videos with my iPad Air 2 and this was the first time that I was doing something different from Music which was a good change for me because I was getting burnt out with creating music. My first video is myself playing an online game called 8-Ball Pool on my MacBook Pro. I used iMovie to edit my videos and I was just learning about the possibilities with YouTube and editing that you have. I really liked doing it but iMovie was getting a little frustrating for me because it was so basic after using it for a couple of months and mastering the software. I remember this was when I made my first video that really blew up. The video was of me in my basement in a corner, reviewing my iPad Air 2 Griffin Slim Case. This was my first real video also. I was looking for iPad cases to buy and wanted the Griffin Slim case for the iPad Air 2 but there were no reviews up on YouTube for it. When I got the case, I reviewed it and uploaded a video on it and the video now at this time has around 12,000 views.


January of 2016 started the next revolution of my business adventures where I introduced services like Website Design, Graphic Design, and Promotional Videos. You need to start somewhere and this is what I first introduced back in 2016. At the time, my website, graphics, and video skills were not great and I was super surprised when I got my first graphic design job making a logo for someone that lived miles away from me. I charged them $5 for the logo and I was shocked that I had made my first real business. Near the end of 2016, my dad approached me about making his website because he was paying a lot of money for his current one and it was not up to par with what he wanted. I made his website for him and it is now live. The first design I did was really terrible in 2016. I have since updated the website and did a total redesign of his site in 2017 and it actually looks good now and not like a 7 year old did it. Next in March of 2016, Lance and I started Currently Techie which was a Tech News blog and YouTube Channel which didn't live long. It was a great idea at the time but we just couldn't keep up with it while having our own channels and school work to do. We make a couple of videos and blog posts. We even got some people from our school to help out make blog posts. The YouTube channel is still up at https://goo.gl/7TmWDp. In October, I got the new MacBook Pro with TouchBar which really wasn't as big of an upgrade as I thought. The Touchbar for me is not really a big enough upgrade and I should have gotten the MacBook Pro without Touchbar because I could have upgraded the CPU and got it for the same price as the touch bar with a base CPU. This was also the year that I made my own green screen and lighting setup in my basement where I had a HUGE video quality improvement. Before this I was finding random places in my house with terrible lighting and filming really low quality videos without any thought put into them. This also gave me a chance to learn all about chroma key and how to work with a green screen. I still use it to this day for my videos and has been a huge help in the quality department for my videos. I have made all custom graphics for the green screen that I use.


2017 was not the best year for me because of school. 2017 was my Junior year in high school and everybody says that 11th grade is always the hardest year and the the year that matters the most. My first semester, I took three honors classes that were all very difficult for me and were challenging me more than ever. This resulted in not having a lot of time for my business or making Technology reviews on my channel. I have only made two videos since the school year started and I am not proud of that. This was actually the second half of 2017. In the first half of 2017, I bought the Panasonic Lumix G7 on March 24, 2017 for my birthday and ever since then, I have been using that camera to make 4K tech reviews for my channel and have been making 4K promotional videos and taking super crisp pictures for my business. This camera has really allowed me to surpass the small tech youtuber status to become someone who is now shooting really good videos with an actual camera instead of a smartphone. I also started to go the basketball and football games to record individual video highlight reels for the players. That is where I introduced Video/Photography services to my business where I create promotional content whether it involves photos or videos. I really enjoy doing this and I could see myself doing something like this professionally for my career. On July 1, 2017 I hit a huge milestone of 100,000 YouTube video views. Then in August of 2017, I joined the Apple Splice team which was another tech news blogging site but for Apple news only. I made some videos on that channel also but just like the other tech news site that I created, this one crashed and burned also. The effort wasn't there with other people to create content and it eventually just died down. If you want to check out the videos that we made, you can find it here at https://goo.gl/yWr86d.


So far in 2018, I started to run ads on google for my website business. I have gotten a couple of calls from the ad so far but no actual customers from it yet. I am just testing it out and it seems to be working. I have also gotten my first website customer who isn't a family member or a friend which is a huge accomplishment for me and another milestone for my small business. I have also introduced device repair in early 2018 where I locally run a small technology repair service. I mostly have been doing iPhone screen and battery replacements. I was practicing with an iPhone 4, disassembling it and reassembling it so many times to be comfortable offering a service like this. I am enjoying it because I also get to see how things are made and how they work in conjunction with everything in phones and other tech behind all the metal and glass. It has been a good learning experience for me and I plan on doing a lot more device repairs in the future. On March 18, 2018 I changed my business name from JJTHC to Joe Peters Media. I feel that this represents what I do a lot better and sounds like an actual business name instead of just some childish screen name that was made when I was a kid. Changing my business name after all of these accomplishments is huge because it's basically like starting over. People know me as JJTHC and now that it has changed, I have to rebuild all business relations and search engine optimizations to get back and get my name well known again. Once spring hit, I got a job at Wendy's. I started working there and got around 25 hours a week and during the summer i worked 30 hours a week. It has taken up most of my time and I sort of let my business slide and I didn't give as much time as I was giving before. I still have my job at Wendy's and I plan on keeping it for a couple more months. When the school year started, so did football season and my first bigger scale project of recording and editing a highlight reel for a football player on the team. I was also in marching band so I had to hire my friend, Lance, to record all of the games. He recorded 8 out of the 10 games that the football team played and then I editing each highlight reel. It was the first time where I had a weekly project for my business and it went pretty smoothly and I can defiantly learn from this experience for the next project.


In 2019 not much happened. Business went as usual as I finished up my senior year of high school and graduated. I then started my first year of college at Penn State, going for a major in Business Management and a minor in Supply Chain Management/Information Science Technology. As I started my first year I really thought that I needed to update my website to be a lot more professional and informative because I thought it was lacking in that aspect. I started to re-design my website and I am actually very happy with how the design has turned out but I am not done adding information and creating new icons for my new IT Service that I added to my website. I have been doing IT jobs on the side but I have decided to add IT service to the list of services that Joe Peters Media offers and I hope to grow IT Services to be the biggest source of work in my business in the next coming years. So as I added IT Service to the website, I changed Device repair to Mobile Repair and Website Design to Web Design. I am debating on whether I should remove Graphic Design and Video/Photography from my list of services and only take those on as side jobs because I get very little to no traffic to those services. That will be a decision for 2020 as the year is coming to an end. The website will not be completely redesigned until 2020 and I will be sure to add details to this page when that happens. I have gotten a couple of great connections through my college that have allowed me to expand my IT Services and I am thankful of the new connections that I have made this year and plan to grow those connections more in 2020. 


Come back for more updates from 2020 soon!


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