IT Service

NX2 Obsidin Light Board Operation at Joe Peters Media

IT Service

We offer an IT Service for residential or commercial customers to help with technology. If the ever advancing technological world, IT support is a widely needed service. IT support covers a range of topics including computers, networks, programs, computer software, data and informatics, online and computational systems. If you have a problem with technology, call us today to let us help out to solve any technological question or problem that you are having so you can get either your home computer/network or business computers/network back and up and running. We will try our hardest to find the solution or to setup new hardware that you need to advance.

NX2 Obsidian Control System Light Board Operation

Quality Service

You won't be disappointed with the quality of our work. When a new IT Service lead comes through, we educate ourselves as much as possible so that we can help and find the solution to the problem as quickly and as effectively as possible. We don't take shortcuts when dealing with our customers and will setup everything correctly and with room to add on to if needed. 

Making sure we know how to solve a technology problem is our number one priority. If we aren't sure how to install, fix, or maintain something, we will take all the necessary training and certificates to be able to have a professional expertise in the subject at matter to give the best quality service we can possibly offer. If we aren't sure we are qualified for the job, we will help you find another company that is certified and refer you to them to make sure you have the best service possible.

Residential Network


Tech Help Desk

General technology questions you might have that we can answer or help you with over the phone.

Computer Installation

Installation and management of new computer equipment within your home or business.

Software Updates

The installation of a new software update or software to your existing computer(s) or network(s) to keep your home or business modern and up to date.

Software Support

Help or support with any type of software or program on a computer or mobile phone to increase your understanding with the software.

Network Support

Installation or management of a network in a residential home or commercial business to connect the computers and data together in a seamless way.

Data Backup or Restoration

Lost data retrieval or management of existing data to prevent data loss.


There are tons of IT based services and if you need help with a topic that isn't listed, just describe your situation and problem and we will be able to help.


IT Service

Mobile Repair

Web Design

Graphic Design




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